Follow the Music

Follow the Music

Some choose their travel destination for the food or the scenery. Others may choose their destination for the weather. And then there are those who choose the destination for the fun. How about choosing a destination for the music? There are music festivals all across the nation, each drawing their own breed to join in the fun. Here are just a few of the many unique festivals worth looking into:

Greater Ozarks Blues Festival

Head to Chesterfield Village in Springfield, Missouri in the fall for a great lineup of Blues music. This 2 day event is held annually and offers great music by Blues artists from across the world.

Live Oak Music Festival
This 3 day event is held each Father’s Day weekend in the wine country of Santa Ynez Valley. The event is just outside of Santa Barbara, California. Attendees are treated to a broad variety of music including bluegrass, gospel, jazz and classical. You’ll also find a great display of arts and crafts, music workshops and energetic barn dances.

Houston International Jazz Festival

This festival is part of August Jazz Month, with performances held at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, Texas. It features musicians who are nationally and internationally known, but also highlights great regional and local performers as well.

Washboard Music Festival

This unique festival is held each Father’s Day weekend in Logan, Ohio. It celebrates the washboard as a musical instrument while offering music in a variety of genres including Dixieland, blues, swing, funky creole and ragtime. You’ll also find historical exhibits, good food and tours of the local washboard factory.

Each of the festivals listed above have RV facilities in or near the hosting cities. Accommodations vary from site to site, so plan ahead and prepare to enjoy a unique musical experience.

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