Florida State Parks Start ‘Two for Tuesday’ Promotion

The Department of Florida State Parks is pushing for increased camping on weekdays with their brand new promotional packages. Titled ‘Two for Tuesday’, these deals offer travelers reduced prices for a two-day stay along with other fringe benefits.

According to Florida Park Service Director Mike Bullock: “Two for Tuesday is a great way to promote camping and encourage visitors to check out neighboring parks. By offering ready-made packages, visitors can take the guess work out of planning their trip, all for a discounted price.”

As suggested in the name, the packages are only applicable to bookings that falls on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Other than discounted prices for in-demand campgrounds, these deals also offered entrance to different state parks in the vicinity.

The parks listed in this deal are spread out over varied terrain.

Thus, travelers can choose between a seaside holiday in Panhandle or opt for something more metropolitan in southwest Florida.

The promotional packages come with different price tags and can range from $40 to $270.


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