First National China RV Rally

The first National China RV Rally was held this past September. The rally was held in Beijing and Al Hesselbart, the RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum historian, curator and librarian participated as one of the keynote speakers. The rally was held as part of the 15th Federation International des Camping and Caravanning event

Hesselbart made some observations about the unique Chinese market. The market in China leans more heavily to motorized rigs with 80% of the market, while towable rigs including tent campers and travel trailers make up the remainder of the market. Because of Chinese highway laws, fifth wheels do not really play a factor in their market. Trailers are limited to no more than 25 feet in length. Another difference in the Chinese market is reflected in the vehicles’ transmissions. Chinese consumers prefer a manual transmission, so during the rally, the Jayco Melbourne Classic C on a Ford chassis was the only automatic transmission vehicle displayed. Most units on display were small diesel rigs which were built on Mercedes or Isuzu chassis. Also on display were a good variety of towable units including some unique folding campers as well as more traditional models.

The rally drew RV industry insiders from all over the world including Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Korea and Japan.

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