Facelifts for Arizona State Parks

Arizona State Parks are working to give some of their parks a facelift. The parks have a new direction according to the Arizona State Parks director, Bryan Martyn, as the state agency no longer receives any money from the state’s general fund. With the change in funding, the agency has had to strategize as to how to make money at the parks while still attending to their priority of protecting the state’s natural resources. It is believed that the best way to increase the revenue of the parks is to enhance the parks in order to make them even more attractive to visitors.

One of the parks receiving a bit of a facelift is the Lake Havasu State Park. Using a special type of white sand shipped in from Nevada, the park is now the proud recipient of white sand beaches. The sand is heavier than normal sand making it less likely to blow away. It is hoped that the revamped beaches will prove attractive to boaters and swimmers alike. Because the most popular activities in the park include swimming and sunbathing, it was felt that the improvements to the beach would have the most impact. It is hoped that trees for shading and other beachfront improvements will follow. Cattail Cove State Park was the first to receive the white sand beaches and other parks are slated to follow suit.

When the funding was cut, the agency was required to lay off half of their staff. It is hoped that the slated improvements will continue to increase the profitability of the parks and keep the public returning on a regular basis to enjoy their beauty.

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