Exploring the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail

Exploring the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail

The Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail is built along the railroad corridor the carried the first train along the Orange Belt Railroad to St. Petersburg, Florida. Not yet fully completed, but offering much to visitors, it is quickly becoming a popular urban trail.

The official starting point of the trail is Demens Landing in St. Petersburg. The first section of the trail runs from Demens Landing to Bay Pines. The trail is perfect for walking, hiking or bicycling. Heading north from Demens Landing, visitors to the trail are treated to beautiful parks and amazing views of the marina. The dedicated trail lane that runs through downtown St. Petersburg protects visitors from traffic.

The second section of the trail runs from Seminole to Dunedin. In this section, be sure to visit Heritage Village, a living history museum. Once in Dunedin, enjoy all that the town has to offer including cafés, boutiques, a seafood market and more.

The third section of the trail runs from North Dunedin to Tarpon Springs. Be sure to stop in at Hammock Park for its butterfly garden and beautiful crushed shell pathways. Once in Tarpon Springs be sure to visit the sponge docks. The town is known for its sponge diving. Visitors can attend demonstrations, enjoy boat rides and visit interesting local restaurants.

There are a good number of campgrounds all along the trail. Visitors can use the campgrounds as a home base while exploring all that the trail has to offer. As it meanders through beautiful seaside towns, there are a number of recreational options including museums, shopping, dining, kayaking, swimming and more.

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