Exploring San Antonio

A visit to San Antonio should always include a visit to the River Walk. The presence of the river has played a major role in shaping the city. Once cursed for bringing flooding to the city, the river is the center piece to a series of walkways, shops, restaurants and more. Consider taking a flat-bottomed boat tour for a good briefing on what you’ll see along the River Walk. Enjoy dining along the river at any of the many restaurants that offer outdoor seating under colorful umbrellas.

The Alamo is another significant site that cannot be missed. The Alamo itself has very little remaining from its original incarnation. The chapel, the Long Barracks Museum and a well are all that remain. The chapel was restored in the 1850s. Learn about the sites 300 year history by visiting the Illustrated Wall of History. The Alamo Gardens are another must see.

Visit the missions established during early settlement in the area. An excellent visitor center can be found at Mission San Jose y San Miguel. It lies on Roosevelt avenue on the southern side of San Antonio. From there you can get directions to the other existing missions. Each offers a glimpse into the area during the 1700s when Franciscan missionaries worked to establish the presence of the church.

There are various RV parks in and around San Antonio. The closest is Travelers World RV Resort. Kerrville-Schreiner Park is another good option about an hour northwest of the city. Staying in Kerrville gives you access to both San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country which is particularly beautiful in the spring.

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