Emergency Towing with a Fifth Wheel

Emergency Towing with a Fifth Wheel

A breakdown while towing a fifth wheel presents a unique problem. Many drivers belong to a roadside assistance program, but it is important for RV owners to make sure that their program can handle their vehicle.

With the proper equipment, a tow vehicle can safely pull both your truck and your fifth wheel while they are still attached. With the wrong equipment, you run the risk of damaging both your fifth wheel and your tow vehicle.

There are plans that cater specifically to RV owners. An RV owner should consider the investment in this type of plan to be a type of insurance, much like having flood or fire insurance on a home. It is important to look for a plan that includes all the necessary amenities. Look for a plan that includes unlimited towing and 24/7 coverage. Most plans will also include flat tire service, free battery jump starts, lost key / lock out service and minor roadside mechanical repairs. You’ll even find some plans that offer trip interruption assistance, helping you ease the pain of having to stay in a hotel while waiting for more extensive repairs to be completed. Be sure to check the geographical areas of coverage offered by the plan you select. A nationwide offering is a must for those who travel extensively.

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