Discover Potrero Regional Park

Discover Potrero Regional Park

Potrero Regional Park is located 45 miles east of San Diego, California. The park offers 39 RV sites with 15, 30 and 50 amp connections. It is a great launching point for those heading to Baja, but is also acts as a great destination.

The word Potrero is Spanish for “pasturing place”. The area was once inhabited by the Kumeyaay Indians until the mid 1850s. Visitors to the park might even see evidence of the past inhabitants during their stay. The park is a popular spot for hiking and bird watching. Guests might spot acorn woodpeckers, jays, owls, hawks and more. The park is also home to many other types of wildlife including mule deer, raccoons, ground squirrels, rabbits and the occasional bobcat.

The climate in the area is generally mild with an average summer high of 90 and an average winter low of 34. The valley has been known to receive an occasional snowfall because of its elevation. Visitors to the park might enjoy day trips into San Diego for any number of entertainment options including amusement parks, restaurants and shopping. Closer to the park, head over to the Potrero Public Library for easy internet access, or the Potrero General Store for any needed supplies.

This picturesque gem of a campground offers grassy meadows, rocky hills and shade from hundred year old oak trees.

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