7 of the Most Dangerous Roads for RVers in the Country

The arrival of summer is synonymous to the beginning of the deadliest season on the road. It is an undeniable fact that highways and interstates are not only dangerous but deadly as well in anytime of the year but summertime is when a lot of people are out on the road traveling. Whether you choose to travel by a regular car, a big truck or an RV, it is important to be extra cautious when traveling along these highways as they are on the highest level of accident proneness.

1. Circle Interchange Chicago, Illinois

This highway is also known as the Spaghetti Bowl.  When viewed from above, this highway’s curving ramps appears to form a concentric ring. Its design is not built to handle heavy traffic this is why its moving average seed limit is 11mph on rush hours making it very famous for its bottled neck traffic jams. This highway is one of the places that you need to avoid passing by when out on your RV trip. As much as possible, look for alternate routes to reach your destination but if that not possible just be sure to prepare yourself to be stuck in traffic.

2. U.S. Route 550 Bernalillo, New Mexico

Treacherous is the only word that any one who ever passed by the US Route 550 can ever use to describe this highway. It stretches over Montrose, Colorado up to Bernalillo, New Mexico.  It has a “Million Dollar Highway” which is the section from Silverton to Ouray. RVers frequently pass this highway most especially during deer hunting season. What makes it very treacherous is the fact that it has winding roads passing by the three San Juan Mountains. During the winter season, this area is also prone to avalanche.

3. Interstate 10, Louisiana

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita damaged not only houses and building in Louisiana but major road and highways as well. As a matter of fact most of these damaged roads are yet to be fixed. Countless potholes and water damages add more injury to the insult as Louisiana’s land area is mainly composed of soft land.

4. 101 to I-405 Interchange Los Angeles, California

These freeways connect the east side of LA with its downtown area. Expect high volumes of traffic jams as this is the busiest roadway in the country. Travel time in this freeway is way much higher as compared to any other road. Some people even make a joke out of its name. Some say that 405 actually stand for its 4 or 5 miles an hour movement during peak hours.

5.  I-95 at the I-195 Interchange Providence, Rhode Island

This interstate connects Providence with suburban area located in the east. Short ramps and sharp curves make up this highway making it prone to accident as well as bottleneck traffic problems.

6. I-285 at I-85 Interchange Atlanta, Georgia

Locals refer to this highway as “The Perimeter”. During rush hour, traffic in this place is unbearable. During the winters, it is best to avoid passing by on this road as the lethal combination of cold temperature and heavy rain or snowfall can cause as lot of its ramps to transform into ice rinks thus causing more accidents.

7. Interstate 15 Nevada, Las Vegas

This highway starts from Primm up to Mesquite, Arizona.  This is the only primary interstate in the city thus a lot of motorists who are out to visit the Sin City use this road. Generally, the road’s condition is okay but the speed at which most vehicles are going is blamed to be the reason behind a record of 173 deaths in a 5 year period of time.

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