Choosing the Best Campsite

Choosing the Best Campsite

Campsites come with some inherent hazards. When selecting a spot, there are certain steps to make sure yours is as safe as possible.

First look for a level site. Also check for a site that might offer shade or protection from winds based on the foliage on or around the site. Be sure that you’ve got enough room to spread out your gear.

Immediately walk through a potential site, checking for hazards. Check for things like glass or other sharp objects left behind by previous campers. Also look for natural hazards like poison ivy, insect nests or tree roots that might be a hazard for tripping. It is a good idea to become familiar with any dangerous plants that are indigenous to the area where you are camping. This will help you to spot potential hazards.

Once you have selected a site, make sure you pay particular attention to your fire or cooking area. Never leave any fire unattended. Keep any flame away from your tent or trailer. A grill is the safest option but if you are cooking over an open fire, make sure that the fire is completely doused with water each night when you are done. All embers, coals and wood must be wet.

Storing food at a campsite can attract unwanted wildlife. Never leave food or garbage out in the open. Dispose of your trash properly each night. Many campgrounds offer bear-proof trash receptacles for your use. Remember, even the utensils you used for cooking could attract wildlife so store them properly as well. Check with your campground hosts to learn what types of wildlife are common in the area.

Take the time to make your campsite as safe as possible. This will help create the best possible experience for all involved.

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