Chalet Folding Trailers LTW Series

Chalet Folding Trailers Chalet Folder Trailers LTW Series

Freedom, Adventure, Comfort

Chalet Folding Trailers
Chalet RV is the Nations leading manufacturer of ultra lightweight hard-sided travel trailers. Our folding travel trailers are best known for their ultra low weight, hard-sided security, and ease of operation. Chalet trailers are so easy to set up, that they can be fully setup in just 30 seconds. Designed to be pulled behind just about any kind of vehicle, the Chalet Travel Trailer has changed the way people think about pop-up trailers. Standard in all Chalet folding trailers is our patented easy lift system. No more pushing overhead! This is a Chalet exclusive!


Chalet folding travel trailers are the lightest weight, solid-walled, travel trailers on the market. Chalet travel trailers offer the best combination of quality, features and affordability on the market. Our hard-sided trailers set up fully in 30 seconds, and they offer insulated comfort and many conveniences–and you can tow one with many sedans, station wagons and small SUVs. The electric lift system on our XL line is patented and the Chalet XL is the largest hard-walled folding travel trailer on the market. There is nothing else that offers such a perfect blend of low weight, low towing profile, and large interior space as the XL line.


We know the decision to buy a trailer is a big one, so our Web site is designed to be a helpful resource as you consider a purchase that will bring you freedom, adventure and comfort for years to come. On this site you can look at our different models, customizing one to suit your needs for size, features and price. You can learn why Chalet has a reputation for the highest quality construction by requesting Chalet literature.

We encourage you to explore our site as well as other manufacturers. Gather as much information as you can to make the best choice. (See our Tips for Comparing Brands below.) When you make a decision on a trailer, we`re confident that if you want to travel smart, you’ll travel Chalet.



Lightest of all Chalet A–frames — base weight of 990 lbs
Most affordable Chalet
Can be towed by most automobiles
Easiest Chalet to maneuver around campsites and parking lots
Equip as you desire — keep it simple or load it up. Available options include
Electric brakes
Fantastic fan

Trail–Boss package
Outside shower
Water heater
Chalet RV Exclusives
Available with patented Manual Mechanical Roof Assist Lift System allowing even quicker and easier set ups


Insulated, lightweight composite floor impervious to moisture
Rust resistant powder coated boxed frame construction
Coordinating fabric and A–wall hinge covers
Available large front exterior storage box — it’s waterproof and extremely robust
Choice of 3 interior colors
Spare tire mounted under chassis — rear bumper free for added accessories like a bike rack


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