Canadian RV Trends from 2012

Canadian RV Trends from 2012

Go RVing Canada compiled a list of the top 5 RVing trends for the year 2012. The industry has seen many changes throughout the year in addition to these top 5.

Majority of RV owners are not retirees. The year showed an increase in young families and career couples as owners, with the majority of RV owners falling under the age of 55.

Most popular RVs in 2012 were towable trailers. This figure includes both folding camping trailers and fifth wheel units. With towables starting as low as $6,000 the price points of these units make them affordable for a broad range of consumers.

RV sales showed an increase for the year. Canada showed an overall 13% increase in RV sales for 2012. This figure is attributed to the historic low prices of RVs making the lifestyle much more affordable.

Canadians are spending more time outdoors. A large majority of RV owners site the RV lifestyle as the best way to get out and see the country. Many campgrounds are upgrading their facilities to accommodate more RV travel.

RV vacations are a bargain. A cost comparison study conducted by PKF consulting showed that RV vacations can cost as much as 78% less than any other form of travel.

These trends show that RVing remains an excellent choice for many consumers based on both price and flexibility.

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