Campground Weddings

A growing trend across America is the use of the nation’s campgrounds as the locale for weddings and/or receptions. A campground setting offers a much more affordable facility, often featuring breathtaking scenery.

Some couples opt to have their wedding in a traditional church setting, then travel to a campground for the reception. This type of an informal setting allows couples the unique opportunity to have friends and family stay not only for the reception, but for the entire night. Guests might bring their own tents and RVs, or if the facilities allow, rent a cabin or stay in other lodging offered at the campground.

Other couples opt to use the campground facilities for the entire event. Some parks have chapels on site, or have the room for a scenic outdoor exchange of vows. Campgrounds are finding that some couples enjoy having their guests stay for the weekend, participating in activities both before and after the wedding.

Many campgrounds allow the couple to bring in catering, or even cook their own food. This can provide a great cost savings compared to the costs for more traditional facilities. Some parks also offer their own banquet services.

Couples who are considering a campground wedding or reception don’t have to settle for an informal affair. Many of the nation’s most upscale campgrounds also offer unique facilities and options.

To meet the current trend, some parks and campgrounds even have a wedding planner on staff to help couples as they plan for their special day.

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