Buying an RV: New or Used?

Buying an RV: New or Used

The decision to purchase an RV is a big one, both personally and financially. It can truly be one of the most expensive purchases made during one’s lifetime. Thorough research is a must before moving forward. Because an RV includes things like appliances and floor plans, it is more like buying a second home and less like buying an additional vehicle. One of the decisions each buyer must make is whether to purchase new or used.

The benefits of purchasing new are many. You’ll have a variety of floor plans, interior colors and appliances to choose from. When purchasing a new RV you can typically find better loan rates, depending on your credit rating. You’ll have a warranty both on the vehicle and the appliances.

There are also benefits to purchasing used. An older RV, depending on the age, will not depreciate as quickly as a new one. It is less expensive to insure an older vehicle. In addition, license and registration costs are generally less expensive for a used RV. Price points may be considerably lower on a used RV.

Other factors may weigh on your decision, including the amount of time you plan to spend in the RV. Take time to look at both new and used before making your decision. With the proper research and a firm grasp on your budgetary restrictions, you’ll be able to sort through the options and come to a decision that best suits all your needs.

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