Brown & Brown Building their Insurance Business

Brown & Brown

Brown & Brown, Inc. of Columbia, Kentucky is striving to become on of the leading insurance companies to cater to the RV market for both consumers and RV dealers via its Reed Brothers subsidiary.

Mike Neal founded Reed Brothers in 1990. Reed Brothers was sold to Brown & Brown in 1990. The company feels like there is a lot of growth potential in the RV market. Their coverage includes all of the commercial products for dealers including garage liability, workers comp, employee benefits and health insurance. They also provide insurance for the consumer.

The company intends to create a website that will act as a central hub for all of the Reed Brothers RV insurance products. The company now employs 12 national road reps working to build the business. The acquisition of Gilbert RV Insurance and RV America Insurance Marketing allowed Reed Brothers to further expand their geographical presence. All of the various acquisitions will continue to operate under their original names for now. The company hopes that consumers will see improved service as the various groups are integrated, combining all they have to offer.

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