Big Easy Secure Plans Big RV Storage Facilities

Big Easy Secure Warehouse, a company that specializes in storage units, is devising an innovative storage option that caters to owners of large vehicles like RVs. The idea is to create an expansive storage facility that is sold to interested parties as opposed to being rented out.


Termed as “personal warehouses”, these units are full enclosed units that offer various amenities which make ownership worthwhile. Examples of such amenities include an RV wash bay, dump station and communal restrooms.

Each unit also boasts a high level of security like entry alarms and security patrols.

Since the company is providing storage for a wide variety of large vehicles, the unit sizes on offer ranged from 480 to over 3,000 square feet with roll-up loading doors of either 14 or 18 ft.

As for the reason behind such a venture, Big Easy Secure Company notes that it had been following the trends of this particular industry.

“There are over 1,000,000 RV’s in California with countless more boats, personal watercraft, off-road vehicles, and collector cars yet there are few storage locations that provide fully enclosed units to store these expensive toys,” said co-founder Chris Hughes. “Our concept goes beyond fully enclosed storage, offering exclusive space for the upper-end of the market that owns the more expensive coaches, high-performance boats, classic cars, and other valuable assets,” Hughes added.

The Company aims to build these large storage units in Temecula Valley.

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