Bicycle-Driven RV Promotes Green Living

Keeping environmental worries in mind, Paul Elkins, an enterprising inventor, has come up with a unique solution for green RVing. He has salvaged bits and pieces from discarded items and created his very own bicycle-driven roadtrip vehicle.

Bike Trailer

Elkins put together his self-made RV in time for a Nevada-based festival called The Burning Man. This event is a meeting point for artistic folks where they can display and talk about their ideas.

The innovator behind the RV had initially started thinking about life in a dystopian future and wondered how people would survive.

“It’s whatever I had kicking around at the time, and that’s how anyone would have to do it if worst came to worst,” says Elkins.

Thus, he started working on the vehicle as a possible solution for such a scenario.

As for the vehicle itself, it weighed a 100 pound and was more suited for solo traveling.


Both its outer covering and interior were made from various spare parts like aluminum tubing from old satellite dish and recycled table, to name a few.

As for the functioning of the RV, it appears to work like a charm.

There are different spots inside the tiny RV for storing essentials like food, water, clothes and other miscellaneous possessions.

As for minor electricity requirements, Elkins had fitted in a small solar panel and wind turbine to power his smaller appliances like the stereo.



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