Aussie View on RV Travel

A recent survey conducted by the research company, Pure Profile for motorhome producer Jayco Australia found that more Australians would rather purchase an RV than a holiday home.

The survey included over 1, 000 participants with 56% saying they would opt for the RV. The results showed that 62% believed that the RV option would be more cost effective. 50% said they would choose the RV option over a home for the opportunity to meet more people.

Andrew Ryan, Jayco marketing director, said that the purchase of an RV gives the owner more freedom in travel choices. He also observed that the maintenance costs on an RV are considerably less than the maintenance costs on a vacation home. Because of this reality, he feels the option of owning an RV is a “more achievable dream for many Australians”.

Many respondents to the survey stated that the cost of hotels is a deterrent to travel. 63% of those participating said that they would consider the purchase of an RV instead of traveling over seas, and 64% saying they believed they would travel more if they owned an RV.

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