An RV Trip with the Family


An RV trip with the family can be a memorable experience. Whether the memories are good or bad may depend on how involved each family member is. If all family members are old enough to contribute ideas, consider giving everyone a say in how the vacation should go.

First make a list of your planned stops along the way. Have each family member contribute ideas for activities at each stop. Perhaps one destination includes a lake that is perfect for fishing or canoeing. Planning out a tentative schedule of activities for each stop allows you to also plan what equipment you must bring along. If one family member is not the outdoors type, allow him or her to pick an indoor activity at one of your destinations, whether it be exploring shops in a nearby town, or visiting a museum during your stay.

Choosing your campground for each stopping point is another important planning step. Check to see if each campground offers amenities like swimming pools or has pet facilities available. Be sure to choose the park that best fits your needs. Make reservations in advance to guarantee your spot. Be sure to check National Forest campgrounds, state parks and county parks. Many have RV hook-ups and are usually very inexpensive. These may not offer all the amenities of the more commercial parks, but if your family is happy to hike, explore and relax, this type of park might be the perfect fit.

Have each family member be responsible for their own ‘downtime’ activities. Be sure each brings along the necessary books, magazines, MP3 player, camera or other options to occupy time.

Any family trip should rely on flexibility of all members. Weather or other events may alter your plans. Having a general idea for the trip is a must but having the ability to alter plans when necessary will make for a more enjoyable trip for all.

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