Airline Workers Enjoy RV-Friendly Parking Lot

Airline industry workers are typically required to put in long hours over a period of several days, and any downtime is devoted to making sure they’re well-rested enough to not fly planes into the ground. Long-distance commutes are normal. Living away from home is a necessary evil.

Recently, however, big-time scheduling changes and other job-related setbacks have forced many workers to travel even farther and more frequently than before. Company crew bases – which serve as second homes to many pilots and other employees while they’re on the clock – have been downsized or eliminated. Hotels are expensive, so many choose to board with other commuters in shared apartments.

But there’s one interesting option available at Los Angeles International Airport:

Thanks to a 2005 decision by Los Angeles World Airports (the agency that runs LAX), Lot E at the end of runway 25L has been designated “RV-friendly.” For $120 a month, airline employees can park an RV and use it for R&R pit stops during their work shifts. An extra $30 allows them to park a car, too.

“I never thought I would be here, but pay cuts force us to be frugal,” one Texas pilot said of the RV lot. “Commuting is tough. I’d rather live at a base, but there are a lot of issues with airlines and I can’t just pick up and move my family and kids.”

Lot E is currently limited to 100 RVs, but that figure beats most other airports by… well, 100. It’s probably the only “official” airport RV park in the United States. Although it doesn’t offer hookups or propane service, the lot is filled to capacity. There’s even a waiting list for additional prospective boondockers.

Perhaps other airports will notice the popularity of LAX’s Lot E and follow suit with RV parks of their own. Until then, most airline workers will have to rest their weary wings elsewhere.

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