7 Largest RVs Ever Made

Not all RVs are created equal. There are cheap ones and luxurious ones, there are small ones and big ones. In most cases, luxury is often in close relation with size. The Bigger the RV, the more luxurious it is as it has more room for features that one can not usually find in smaller RVs. However, it must be noted that there are compact RVs where one can get almost everything that a big RV possesses. While small RVs a lot of features are a bit hard to find, one do not need to look far in order to find big RVs which are as good as regular homes, sometimes even better. Below are the 7 largest RVs ever made:

Freight-liner Argosy

It has pop outs on its first floor, its second floors are easily lifted off from the bridge safe position and it has a patio deck on its third floor. If you live in a beautiful home, you will get similar effect on this RV’s first floor. TV screen and entertainment stuff are in the pop top upper half of the second floor. An optional third floor is for those who want to have decks on their RVs. Exquisite craftsmanship is but an understatement as it is the epitome of excellence.
Another RV on the list is Prevost’s The Santa Fe RV. Priced at around 1,400,000, this luxury RV is quad slide and is basically a bus conversion type of RV. It has 2 baths, a king size bed and a slide out. It exterior is fully pointed making it a very attractive site when out on the road traveling.

Marchi Mobile’s 3 Million Dollar RV

Known as the eleMMent RV, it is basically a luxury mansion designed for people who wants a mansion away from their own mansion. Anything and everything that anyone would need while on the road are already in there. It has an automatic boarding stairs, pop up bridge, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a couch that can turn into a bar furniture at a simple push of a button.

Volkner Mobil’s Performance RV

It costs around $1.5 million s it is a full size luxury RV. It was first built in 2007with a goal of building a trailer and a truck equipment thus is has a storage area for an auto inside the RV. The garage extends to the side of the RV thus a vehicle can be driven into it and once in place, it can rise yup into the RV’s underbelly.

The Vantare Platinum Plu

Another large RV that is also one of the most expensive, What sets this apart from all the others out there is that it runs off 235 gallons making it a limited edition RV. Under its deck is a garage from sports car. It has Inca Marbles, Swarovski’s crystals and pretty much everything else that can be described by the word lavish.

The Unicat Amerigo

Another expensive and big RV. It utilizes off road diesel which is meant for all the hard work in the road, While its size maybe big and its price may be expensive, it also happens to be one of the most easy to handle RVs out in the market.

Victorinox Airstream

This RV is very dependable for all sorts of family as it feels like a house with a wheel. Considering its size handling is still as easy as that of a regular car though it must be noted that the production if this RV is limited to just 125 units.

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