14 Amazing RV Modifications You Have To See

Forget bumper stickers – the people below have really gone all out in making their recreational vehicles a motor you’ll remember when you see it. Check out our countdown of the weirdest and wackest RV modifications that just have to be seen to be believed.

14. The Retro-Fit

These guys weren’t kidding around when they converted this 1946 Federal semi-truck into their very own home on wheels. It weighs 11 tonnes and can carry some 200 gallons of fuel. That’s a pricey fill-up!


13. The Five-Wheel Motorcycle

Some riders just can’t bear to part from their beloved bikes – this flaming house on wheels makes that separation quite unnecessary. The paint job is so bright you wonder if it even needs lights to drive in the dark.


12. The German house on wheels

Spotted somewhere around Germany, this RV fans out to three times its original size to reveal that it’s no ordinary home on wheels, but something pretty close to a real house. Think of it as a greenhouse or Arizona room with furniture – and without the attached house, of course. Check out the video below to see how it’s done.



11. The organic RV

Sticking with the green theme, this four-wheeler really is a friend to the environment. Zero carbon emissions, and a fuel consumption rate that cannot be beaten. Just don’t expect it to get you to where you’re going in any reasonable timeframe.


10. The heart-healthy RV

This little rig is also a friend of the environment, but dragging its 100-pound weight around probably won’t give you the relaxing holiday that you had in mind. Created by inventor Paul Elkins, this ‘travel trailer’ nonetheless has more facilities than you might think: there’s an electricity supply, fresh water and a bed that converts into a sofa.



9. The combi RV and scarecrow

This simple trailer has gotten a wild child paint job that certainly won’t go unnoticed next time you see it on the road.

Wild birds will likely to steer clear of it, and if you catch this wild child in your rear view, it’s certain to give you a little wake-up call in case you’re starting to nod off.


8. The Pop-up Trailer With Its Own Engine?

At first glance you could be forgiven for wondering – what is this? This pop-up trailer with a steering wheel, spotted with a ‘For Sale’ sign in Quartzsite, Arizona, looks like it could be the work of a modern art sculptor. Upon closer inspection, however, it’s revealed to be a vehicle of two halves – a pop-up trailer with a car chassis simply laid on top, for ease of storage perhaps.


7. The Gypsy Wagon

Seen at a gathering of devotees to classic trailers known as Tin Can Tourists, this charming-looking wagon is a throwback to the original full-time users of such homes on wheels. It’s a modification the horses are sure to welcome – this conestoga’s way to get around is more a case of horse power than carthorse, we suspect.


6. The Low-Tech RV

This homespun truck with living space eschews any modern material such as fiberglass in its makeup – heck, there isn’t even any metal. Carved out of wood imported from China, this snug little box was just tacked on the back of a small import truck. Its owners, spotted in Quartzsite, Arizona, insist it stays plenty warm in the winter desert with propane and wood heating.


5. The crowded rooftop RV

This RV owner certainly believes in making good use of the space available. On the rooftop of this little white house on wheels we’ve got a roof vent, an air conditioner, an awning, a satellite dome, two large solar panels and another part so well crammed in we can’t even tell what it is. Just don’t expect to tack any bicycles on the roof of this travel trailer. For more detailed info, please check http://oliver.hewus.com


4. The pop trailer that prefers opera

This RV looks more like a concert hall than a house, and it’s got an interior that is reminiscent of that five-star hotel suite you just can’t afford. Coming out in 2010, this eye-catching tent trailer opens up without poles or pegs to reveal a seven metre by three metre living space featuring two beds, hot and cold running water, toilet, mobile hob and barbecue, wine cabinet, espresso bar and enclosed teak veranda.


3. The school bus you can get comfortable on

Enthusiast Jake Von Slatt took the hobby of modification to a whole new level with this creation – a 75-seater school bus converted into an RV that’s better equiped than a lot of regular homes. His organic creation started with the purchase of the bus for $2,000, and continued with the use of predominantly recycled materials. Check out his site below for a step-by-step guide to how it’s done.


2. The RV you can sail with

This concept vehicle offers hope to anyone who wishes they could take their boat on their next RV holiday. Created by industrial designer Weili Feng, this multi-purpose vehicle’s got a solar paddle that doubles as both a sail and a solar harvesting system. It’s also got a jet drive that allows it move on water, in addition to a regular four-wheel drive, all powered by a hydrogen battery. And it doesn’t lack creature comforts either – it sleeps four with leisure areas, a toilet and a kitchen. But don’t bother saving up – it’s not even for sale yet.


1. The Mobile Mansion

Last and definitely not least is a vehicle that represents what most RV fans would probably die for. For starters, this stunning creation is far too big to be pulled by a normal car – in fact, it will store your car neatly in its underbelly.




The rest of the RV’s luxury features pretty much speak for themselves. Retailing at a reported $2.5m, if money was no object, this would certainly be the RV to spend it on.

Check out these pictures and video of its lavish interior and other priceless features. Enjoy the day dream!







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