10 Famous People Who Love RVs

Recreational Vehicles are not just the favorite means of travel and living for the average Joe. However, in recent years, a number of celebrities have fallen in love with the freedom provided by RVs. Touted as the perfect home away from home, more and more famous people are queuing up to nab an RV.

Here are some of the big names involved.

1. Matthew McConaughey



The forty year old actor has mentioned his love for RVing on a number of occasions. Whether it is work-related or for a fun holiday trip, McConaughey turns to his RV as his preferred mode of transport. In fact, he has gone RVing when promoting a lot of his movies, including Sahara and most recent flick, Surfers, Dude.

The star owns a customized Airstream International CCD 28 where he has opted for comforts of home over celebrity luxuries. “If it looks good but it’s not functional, then it’s not worth anything,” he says about his RV renovations.

2. Jeff Daniels


Actor and musician, Jeff Daniels, is another famous celebrity who commends RVing. In his case, traveling via RV was about togetherness and spending time with his family. ‘You’re driving with them and talking to them at the age of eight. It became this adventure and they learned to love it. You connect, you really do,’ says the Squid and the Whale star.

Incidentally, Daniels also showed up with his wife at the set of his recent travel-based comedy RV in a recreational vehicle. ‘They’re not just for senior citizens,’ was his reply, emphasizing his famous saying about RVing being a fundamental part of being American, irrespective of the age group.

3. Clarence Thomas


Where RV travel is concerned, some famous figures like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, have been exploring the different corners of America since 1999. Together with his wife, Ginny Thomas, Justice Thomas have visited 27 states since they purchased a second-hand 40-foot Type A almost a decade ago.

According to him, RVing not only helps the family get to know each other better but it also helps keep everyone grounded. “The bulk of my adult life has been spent in Washington, D.C. RVing allows me to get out and see the real America. In RV campgrounds, you wave at everybody and they wave back . . . We’re all here for the same reason,” said Justice Thomas whilst speaking before Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) a few years ago.

It is for this reason that the couple love taking younger family members, like their pre-teen grandnephew on numerous road trips.

4. Rory Sabbatini


Joining this list of famous RV owners is professional golfer, Rory Sabbatini. In his case, his customized motorhome was the perfect way for him to connect with his wife, Amy Sabbatini, and children whilst on tour. Most sports usually drag the parent away on lengthy tours and golf was one instance where the family can join in the tour. For golfers like Sabbatini, his RV made it all possible.

“You don’t find yourself getting stressed out,” said the golfer on rorysabbatini[dot]come. “Having my wife and kids come with me on tour has allowed me to relax and play more events without getting fatigued.” His motorhome boasted the facilities of a cozy home with just a bit of extra amenities for additional comfort.

In fact, so many PGA golfers are trying out the RV lifestyle that many golf resorts, like the Desert Canyon Golf Resort, are setting up RV-accessible features as part of their services.

5. Pamela Anderson



Some folks prefer a more homely mobile home, others prefer a bit of extravagance in their motorhomes. Baywatch star falls into the latter category with her customized Airstream trailer. The RV itself was a gift from Hugh Hefner and came with a number of unique features.

For instance, the trailer had unusual additions like mirrored ceilings, white carpeting and playboy bunny logos on some of the furnishing. The feature that caught everyone’s attention was the vibrating bed which, incidentally, also had a stripper pole in its center.

As of January 2009, the trailer is up for sale and interested parties can catch a glimpse of it at the the Riverside Casino.

6. Dan Dierdorf


Former American football star Dan Dierdorf is yet another celebrity who loves RVing. For him, a motorhome is all about having the convenience of home whilst having an adventure on the road. “There’s no better way to travel,” is his most famous quote regarding his RV.

With wife, Debbie, Dan Dierdorf have been traveling around the nation for more than 20 years. They have chosen an RV for almost all their trips, be it an idyllic family vacation or to NFL games.

They have owned a number of different RVs and currently own a 2006 Country Coach 45’ Affinity 770.

7. Jeff Gordon


Like many others before him, NASCAR star Jeff Gordon has adapted luxury living into his RV lifestyle. The 38 year old race car driver made headlines when he splashed out close to $2 million for a customized Marathon Coach. It was said to be one of the most expensive conversion done by the company.

Thus, it is no surprise that the RV boasted a number of chic features like two 42″ flat-screen TVs, granite and marble counters as well as a full size treadmill. Sports stars like Gordon emphasize the need for a homely environment whilst on the road and the RVs are the best way to achieve this kind of harmony.

“The RV is your home away from home. It allows you to stay focused,” says Gordon.

8. Robert De Niro



Whilst comfort is key for a number of stars, many also prefer RVs because of its convenience in different work situations. Hollywood star Robert De Niro is one such RV owner. His $2 million motor coach has made headlines because of its lavish amenities but it has also served useful for his particular profession.

Thus, his three-story motorhome doubles as a makeup room and dressing area as well as being capable of housing close to 30 people. Of course, there are a number of fancy features that are present as a bit of luxurious indulgence like the 11 plasma televisions and climate control system.

9. Dolly Parton


Glitz and glamor may appeal to many stars but renowned country singer, Dolly Parton, is one of those who think of their motorhome as a cozy home on wheels. Th talented singer has professed her love for RVing, pointing out that it is the ideal way to bond with mother nature.

She confesses that an RV grants you access to certain aspects of home that is not possible in hotels. Both Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, are well-known for traversing cozy little holiday spots all over US. Thus, she admits that Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach are some of their favorite hang-outs.

10. Davis Love III


Professional golfer Davis Love III is also famous for owning a luxury RV. The forty-something sportsman owns a 45-foot RV that came complete with homely amenities plus a number of fanciful additions. Incidentally, it is claimed that Love was the trendsetter responsible for making RVs hip amongst other pro-golfers.

Where the motorhome itself is concerned, his RV was fitted with basic features like a charming kitchen and living area. It also came with top-end entertainment facilities like expensive designer decorations, satellite and plasma televisions. Love has pointed out how an RV can decrease the stress of traveling by providing more control over your travel settings.

“Having all your clothes in the motorhome and not having to pack suitcases, you can get used to that. Plus we can take our motorcycle. It fits right underneath,” is one of Love’s noteworthy quotes about his RVing.

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