Motor Home Insurance

A motor home is an investment, just like a car or a house, so you should protect it with insurance.  But a motor home has unique insurance for several very good reasons.

The motor home presents a unique situation because it’s a motor vehicle, so it’ll need all the insurance you’d get for a car.  You need to be insured against collisions, accidents, injury, and other types of problems that can happen on the  open road.

But a motor home is also where you live, whether on a permanent basis while wandering the open roads, or just for a short time while you’re going to the big game or visiting a major landmark you’ve always wanted to visit.  So you’ll need to be insured against fire, theft, and other problems you may face as a homeowner!

This may seem complicated, but it really isn’t.  First, seek out the advice of other motor home owners to find the best insurers who specialize in motor homes.  Secondly, get quotes from those insurers based on their coverage.  Make sure that you compare policies that are similar: costs can vary widely between agencies.  Finally, choose the policy that suits you and the use you’ll make of your motor home the best, and go out and do what you’ve always wanted, sleeping better knowing that your motor home is protected.