Good Sam Club

It all started in the 60s when a group of RV enthusiasts decided to put a bumper sticker on their RVs rigs to let their fellow members know about the help that they can get while on the road. Word spread from one RV park to another. Soon enough, everybody wants to join the club. Over the years, Good Sam Club remains true to its goal: To ensure the safety and enjoyment of RV users all over the country.

Joining Good Sam Club is like hitting a flock of birds with one stone. With one membership, you get a lot of benefits that you won’t regularly get out of joining other RV clubs. Most of these club endorsed perks and services attract non-members to join the club. Add the fact that meeting other members most especially in times of need or while on the road is one of Good Sam Club’s most redeeming qualities.

  • Members get exclusive camping discounts at more than 1000 RV resorts, parks, campgrounds and service centers all over the country.
  • Members get free subscription to Highway Magazine. This serve as RV owner’s bible which contains tips, information, destinations, product reviews and giveaways as well as everything that you need to know about the world of RVs.
  • Membership includes getting free advice from RV experts as well as technical tips that is sure to help anyone in need of one.
  • Members of Good Sam Club can leave their homes without worrying one single bit. With over 1.5 million successful rescue stories, one can relax and enjoy in their trip.
  • Members of Good Sam Club can have access to a trip planning tool that can be accessed at the tip of your fingers. You will be the first to know about the latest Samborees and Caravantures in and out of your area.
  • Members are entitled to unlimited access to RV Camping Website, the most popular and most visited website of RV enthusiasts all over the world.
  • Members of Good Sam club can pick insurance plans that suit their needs and budget. You also get to have access to Good Sam Club’s Extended Service Plan which can help you save in the mechanical related expenditures of your RV.
  • Joining the Good Sam Club is risk free and satisfaction guaranteed.