Fifth Wheel Insurance

It can be easy to see a fifth-wheel trailer as just an attachment to your car.  After all, you hook it up to your trailer hitch and just hit the road!  But there are some important differences between a fifth-wheel trailer and just any car.

Some people think their homeowner’s insurance will cover a fifth-wheel while others think it falls under their auto policy.  The truth is that it really doesn’t fall under either.  Homeowner’s insurance is very  specific about lost belongings; if your fifth-wheel is stolen a thousand miles from your house, you are pretty far away from where you’re supposed to be covered!  Even if it does cover it, the traveling nature of fifth-wheels combined with the higher risk due to being on the road means you’ll have to pay a hefty deductible.

Similarly, your auto insurance may not cover everything you need.  For example, auto coverage doesn’t usually have comprehensive coverage for if your fifth-wheel breaks down.  To an auto insurance company, a fifth-wheel is just a car, so they might not pay for a hotel room while you wait to have it fixed.

The best thing to do is to find specific insurance for your fifth-wheel trailer that will cover you in any situation you may run into on the open road.  Whether it’s a break-down on the side of the road, or just the risks you run whenever you hit traffic, you’ll feel safer knowing that whatever happens to you, you’ve got it covered.

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