ESP (Extended Service Plan)

RV manufacturers are going in and out of business these days. We can point our fingers directly at the recent economic downturn for this. But RV owners who are left with inept warranties from closed out RV stores have on one to blame.

This is why Good Sam’s Extended Service Plan is one of the best choices that any RV enthusiasts can ever make. It can give important coverage that goes beyond any RV warranty that you can ever have. It is guaranteed to protect you from exorbitant fees should any breakdown happen to your RV.

  • Its not a warranty, its an insurance. Good Sam’s Extended Service Plan is a mechanical breakdown insurance. Therefore it religiously sticks with the strict insurance rules and regulation. Should anything go wrong with the mechanical parts of your RV, you can be sure that your Extended Service Plan covers it and the need to worry about out of pocket expenses and other fees are automatically eliminated.
  • It puts everything under one big umbrella. Remember that most if not all manufacturers warranty cover different parts with different expiration. Tracking each expiration dates of each and every components of your RV can be a bit tough. This is why with good Sam’s Extended service Plan, puts everything under one roof where all components are covered under one special plan for a long period of time.
  • It offers different benefits if you are out on the road traveling. Being the number one RV insurance firm in the country,Good Sam’s Extended service plan gives its members traveling benefits which other RV companies can not give. These include accommodation, dining, rentals and so on.
  • It does not lock you up therefore cancellation within the first 30 days will automatically¬† qualify you to get 100% of your premium back again. If you cancel after 30 days, you get to have the unused portion of your policy refunded back to you with a $50 cancellation fee.